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Ocular Disease Management


Dr. Rebecca Franey and the professionals of Advanced Family EyeCare focuses on treating diseases and conditions that affect the anatomy and physiology of the eye. We diagnose and treat conditions such as glaucoma, dry eye, and eye infections. In addition we provide pre- and post-operative care for the management of conditions such as cataract and macular degeneration, manage diabetic and hypertensive eye disease, and provide minor surgical procedures such as lid lesion removal and foreign body removal from the eye. Dr. Franey is a specialist dealing with multiple eye diseases and conditions and her staff is trained to use the latest in technology to assist Dr. Franey.

Optometry Training and Education

Becoming an optometrist requires a doctorate degree and completing internships in a variety of settings, generally over an eight year period of education. Some optometrists can undergo additional training if they choose and focus on a specialty within the field.

Optometric training covers the entire spectrum of eye care. Optometrists are trained to do thorough eye exams to prescribe glasses or contact lenses, offer medical treatment for assorted eye problems, and do delicate minor eye surgeries for qualified candidates. They also take an active role in conducting scientific research on eye diseases and other serious vision problems. Optometrists work to uncover causes behind these things and find cures.

Often, optometrists work with ophthalmologists, who generally do more advanced surgical procedures, working together to provide complete eye care for a patient. Dr. Franey works with a variety of ophthalmology specialists in and around the Sioux Falls region to provide advanced care for ocular conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and neurological disorders in order to work as a team to provide comprehensive, professional care for our patients.

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